CERT-AIRE Technical Services
207 W. University Drive
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
PH: (847)577-9527

Product Development

CERT-AIRE can assist in the development of new products or the improvement
of existing products by:

- Conducting ENGINEER ANALYSIS to develop product parameters such as
  impeller design, inlet venturi and housing for fans, and blade and
  frame design for louvers and dampers.

- TESTING prototype designs in its laboratory to evaluate product
  performance and the effects of adjustments and modifications.

- Testing additional sizes of the product as needed to DEVELOP catalog
  performance data for the complete product line.

Through these and other similar services, CERT-AIRE can help to achieve
product development objectives such as:

- improving efficiency in centrifugal and axial fans.

- developing performance in a specific operating range.

- achieving minimum water penetration and maximum free area in louver
- obtaining low leakage class ratings for smoke dampers tested in 
  accordance with standard UL 555S.

Product Certification

Obtaining certification or listing by agencies such as AMCA or UL requires compliance, on a continuing basis, with the submittal and testing requirements of these organizations.

CERT-AIRE's experienced staff can handle many of the necessary procedures or formalities for securing such certification. This service can include SELECTING test samples, WITNESSING tests, PREPARING catalog ratings, application forms and other required documents and FOLLOWING UP through the certification process until the LABEL is secured.

When necessary, recommendations may be made for product modifications needed to meet the agencies' requirements.


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