CERT-AIRE Technical Services
207 W. University Drive
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
PH: (847)577-9527


1288 Industrial Drive
Lake in the Hills, IL 60156


Industrial and commercial FAN INSTALLATIONS per AMCA Standard 203.

The tests are performed on site and data analyzed to VERIFY fan performance and system pressure losses as required by the specifications.

Identify performance related problems and recommend corrective actions.

Field testing and engineering evaluation service for RESTAURANT EXHAUST SYSTEMS is also available.

CERT-AIRE can conduct tests in the field to determine the performance of air moving systems after installation. These tests may be used to verify whether the fan performance meets the design specification or whether the system connections to the fan are affecting its performance adversely.

Smoke control systems can be evaluated by measuring airflow rates and pressure differences across building components such as stairwell doors. Actual performance can be compared with design specifications and code requirements.

On site testing of fan installations for SOUND is available. Measurements can be optionally made using the sound intensity method.

All field measurements are made using instruments and procedures as specified in the AMCA Standards 210, 203, 303, 300 and 500.


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