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Cert-Aire has been conducting the SMOKE DAMPER TESTING PER UL555S (leakage rated Dampers for use in the Smoke Control Systems) since 1988. Cert-Aire began the FIRE DAMPER AIRFLOW TESTING in early 1990, when the revised UL555 (Fire Dampers) was published.

CERT-AIRE is the FIRST and currently one of the ONLY UL Accepted Independent Laboratory for Fire and Smoke Damper Testing

For RATING Smoke Dampers per UL555s, the tests required are: Temperature Degradation, Cycling, Leakage, and Operation tests.

For RATING Fire Dampers per UL555, same tests are required with In-duct and In-wall setups.

CERT-AIRE is the ONLY INDEPENDENT TESTING LABORATORY, equipped to conduct the In-duct Operation tests for Fire Dampers.

These tests are WITNESSED by UL STAFF for UL CERTIFICATION. CERT-AIRE also conducts, when requested, PRE-TESTS to evaluate/establish the damper performance, before the certification tests are witnessed.

Smoke Dampers are RATED per UL555S for leakage CLASS O, I, II, III, or IV and temperatures of ambient, 250 degrees F, 350 degrees F, etc. (in increments of 100 degrees F). CERT-AIRE can ASSIST you in IMPROVING your current UL RATINGS, i.e. obtain Class I or II from the current Class III or IV, or temperature ratings of 350 degrees F, 450 degrees F or 550 degrees F from the current lower ratings.

Fire Dampers are RATED per UL555 for use in either STATIC or DYNAMIC Systems. Dampers for DYNAMIC Systems are rated for the MAXIMUM Airflow and Pressure Difference. CERT-AIRE can ASSIST you in OBTAINING the DYNAMIC fire damper RATINGS and in IMPROVING those ratings for Higher AIRFLOWS and/or PRESSURE differences.

Please CONTACT CERT-AIRE for your specific testing and certification needs.

CERT-AIRE Technical Services



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